Krini Village

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Krini Village

Krini is a small village located on the north – west side of Corfu island, at an altitude of  310m, near the well known Palaiokastritsa. Small but very picturesque Krini is built on the back of Mount Istoni, at the entrance of a medieval castle called Angelokastro. Krini village had been in existence since the Homeric years. Krini’s inhabitants are descendants of the “Akritans” guarding the borders of the Empire, during the Byzantine period.

Angelokastro Castle

The Byzantine castle “Angelokastro” is built on a rocky peak (270m high) on the north-western coast of Corfu. The fort was of great strategic significance and was used at different times as a refuge for the locals. It is surrounded by sea on three sides and it is accessible only by a narrow land bridge. In the past, Geneose pirates, the Turks under the command of Sultan Suleiman and the Saracens tried unsuccessfully to conquer it.

Today, a big part of the fortification, the gate and the two water tanks built in 1500 and 1546 are still preserved. On the top there is a church of Archangel Michael. In the late 18th century, the Venetians and French retained a guard to man the fort but later, the British abandoned the fort.